Mist Eliminator


filters are highly effective in significantly reducing oil mist, water mist, fog or droplets

from outside air or re-circulated air. In addition, they are useful downstream of DX or chilled water

coils and stream or mist-type humidifiers which allows saturated air to condense out. Also used

in turbine intake and spark arrestance etc.



 are constructed of a 16-Gauge galvanized steel frame (standard); 18-Gauge

type 304 stainless steel optional. There are drain holes equally spaced on all four sides. Dimples are

available upon request. 1", 2", 3", 4", or any size or thickness can be made. *Frames have welded construction; all seams on the air exit side. Bale handles are available to make front load applications easier. Gaskets are available.


The media pack in a 2" filter is 16 layers of expanded metal, knitted mesh (to allow the fluid to drain easily), and corrugated wire screen. Galvanized material is standard. Type 304 stainless steel is optional.

4" Frame with 2" media pack also available.



The mist eliminator is designed to operate at a face velocity of 500 RPM. The velocity should not exceed 550 RPM.



The Aircon A-6ME Mist Eliminator must be vertically installed to operate at peak efficiency. Mounting hardware must be designed to support the mist eliminator with adequate drainage. For build-up banks, Aircon's Holding Frames can be joined to create a functional system.


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