Kitchen Guard®

Standard & Custom Grease Filters



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Baffle Grease Filters


continuous grease drain-off reduces fire hazard

KITCHEN GUARD® grease filters will not permit grease build-up associated with conventional filters.

Special openings allow grease to continually drain and run-off from filter.


  eliminates grease drippings

Completely safe... eliminates burns to your chef or cook by directing flow of grease to collection trough and not onto grill.

Prevents grease-drip bombardment.


excellent performance at low cost

Stationary riveted baffles are in a staggered arrangement so that the grease is deposited directly onto baffles.

No moving parts to loosen or break. Sturdy construction means longer life-use.


cleans quickly and easily

Simply wash with soap and water, soak, or wash in dishwasher.


replace old-fashioned, outdated, conventional type filters now!

Many States have outlawed the use of mesh filters. Insurance companies

are also backing the use of the baffle-type filters to reduce fire hazards.


grease cannot clog or build-up

Since KITCHEN GUARD® filter is self-draining, you'll have no worries about grease dripping onto grill.

Grease-laden air is drawn into the KITCHEN GUARD® filter by the exhaust fans.

As the air goes through the filter, it deposits the grease on the baffles.

The grease then runs down the filter and is directed into the collection trough.



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